Prices – SiLverKart Karting and Event Centre

Prices for SilverKart Karting and Event Centre individual guests:

  • one race ticket: 2490 HUF / 8 minutes
  • child ticket: 2200 HUF / 8 minutes (under 12 years)
  • ON SALE: If you buy three races at a time and use it the same day, the
    3 suitable race tickets are 6.450 HUF instead of 7.470 HUF/ person discount race tickets can not be purchased in the form of vouchers!
  • 10 time lease: 20.950 HUF / 10 sessions (up to 2 people can use, not limited in time)
  • Unlimited day pass. HUF 14.950 (it can be used every day of the week – except on Saturdays)

Please watch the track reservation to make sure that is free to you: LINK PÁLYAFOGL NAPTÁR!!! You can’t book appointment you have to wait the next free race.

Private gokart track booking:

1 hour with 6 gokart (10-12 person): 95.000 HUF +VAT (3 race/person)
1 hour with 7 gokart (13-14 person): 105.000 HUF +VAT (3 race/person)
1 hour with 8 gokart (15-16 person): 115.000 HUF +VAT (3 race/person)

Booking only via e-mail:
Payment: Pre-transfer before your event.

Go-kart track opening hours

For the races prior registration is not required, the registration is due to order of arrival!We are unable to reserve dates for individual races!Thank you for your understanding!

If U come to us for the first time you need to fill out a formal disclaimer.

If u are Under 18 a parent or a guardians signature is required, otherwise you can not make use of the go-kart track!

Monday-Friday: 15:00-24:00
Saturday: 10:00-24:00
Sunday: 10:00-22:00